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Garbage truck Driver Jobs

Garbage Truck / January 14, 2020

Truck Driver II-Sanitation Services

Drives variety of trucks including a 60 cubic yard tractor-trailer truck to transport refuse, fuel, equipment or other materials to locations within city limits; operates various pieces of heavy equipment when working on the city's landfill; may drive a sanitation truck and assist in the collection of garbage to ensure that the streets and alleyways of Dallas are clean and free of trash or in connection with the City's Recycling Program.

Essential Functions

Essential Functions When Assigned to Operate Tractor Trailer Truck:

  1. Operates a large Front End Loader Truck, or other heavy equipment to transport containers to landfill for disposal.
  2. Operates a trailer-truck combination equipment, other large dump trucks or heavy equipment to transport large quantities of brush, tree limbs, and other solid refuse collected from streets and alleys to ensure safe and clean residential and business areas free from garbage or debris.
  3. Performs daily pre-trip equipment inspection, fueling unit, and preventive maintenance service by checking screens, oil, filters, tires, etc. to ensure optimum operation and performance of vehicle.
  4. Maintains vehicle clean by washing, brushing, and cleaning the truck's interior to ensure a clean and professional image and safe and sanitary conditions.
  5. Maintains activity logs and mileage and maintenance records by documenting odometer readings before and after driving vehicle to provide accountability of vehicle's usage.
Essential Functions When Assigned to Operate Sanitation Truck:
  1. Drives a garbage pickup truck (either the regular or the automated) to gather garbage from residential and commercial areas of the city.
  2. Picks up, carries and dumps garbage into the truck when not driving to perform garbage pickup function.
  3. Carries pack-out and makes handicap stops to pick up garbage from the homes of residents who are handicapped.
  4. Maintains records on miles driven and bags used to maintain information for administrative purposes. Notifies supervisor of problems encountered on streets and alleyways to resolve garbage pickup problems.
  5. Performs minor maintenance duties on garbage pickup trucks such as gassing and checking oil to ensure the operational readiness of vehicles.
  6. Performs alley-trimming duties as needed, by cutting or trimming trees and bushes to ensure the safety of alleys for the operation of garbage trucks.
  7. Loads truck with tools and equipment necessary to accomplish the garbage pickup function.
Performs Depending on Location:
  1. Acts as the spotter at McCommas Landfill directing haulers to specific areas for dumping the contents of their trucks to ensure efficiency of Landfill operations.
  2. Hand loads small piles of brush on to front-end loader to assist the brush pick up crew.
  3. Operates roto-boom or front-end loader to pick up brush in the absence of rotor boom operator.
  4. Maintains records on miles driven and bags used to maintain information for administrative purposes.
  5. Trims bushes and trees on alleyways, and repairs ruts and holes to maintain them safe for the public and sanitation trucks.
  6. Operates a winch, dump truck or rear-end loader or a low-bed truck when collecting recycling materials such as glass and aluminum to efficiently collect such items under City's Recycling Program.
Working Conditions & Hazards:
  1. Exposed to all weather conditions and traffic hazards.
  2. Subject to fumes, foul odors, dust, toxic waste, and disease causing materials when transporting solid waste.
  3. Subject to injury when driving on slippery sloping, or uneven terrain.
  4. Requires bending, pulling and pushing when shredding solid waste material or collecting brush and tree limbs.
Minimum Qualifications

Education claimed on the application will be verified. Any falsified educational credentials will result in a denial for new hires and/or promotions.

Educación reivindicada en la solicitud será verificada. Las credenciales educativas falsificados darán lugar a una negación en el empleo para los nuevos empleados y /o promociones.

Qualified applicants must have a tenth grade education and (2) years of related experience or Successful completion of City of Dallas Sanitation Truck Driver Trainee Program. If you have successfully completed the Leap Ahead Program and received a certificate of completion, you will be required to produce a copy of the certificate. Must be able to operate trailer truck combination automotive equipment in a skillful and safe manner and must be able to follow written or oral directions. Must have considerable knowledge of the City of Dallas and the State of Texas traffic laws or ordinances. Must also have valid Class A or B Commercial Driver's License. Subject to drug and alcohol testing.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

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