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Garbage Truck / September 2, 2022


Heil Garbage Trucks

Tampa Crane became a full-line dealer for Heil refuse bodies in 2009. This partnership combines quality products, years of expertise in the waste removal industry, and the excellent service of a customer minded dealer.

For over 100 years the Heil name has stood for excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction as a manufacturer of refuse bodies and other metal fabricated products.

But tradition isn’t the only reason for Heil’s leadership role. More than 200 U.S. patents carry the Heil name. By giving its engineers the freedom to dream and try new ideas Heil continues to develop new methods for refuse collection. Heil has improved automated collection vehicles to a level of reliability and productivity that is unmatched in the industry that drastically reduces labor costs and simplifies operation and maintenance.

Tampa Crane & Body has been a factory authorized Heil Parts and Service Center since 2004 and beginning in January 2009 we were made a full-line dealer responsible for selling Heil refuse bodies in Central and North Florida. The advantage to our customers has already proven itself…by combining the quality products and expertise of the Heil company with a local, customer service minded dealer we are confident that we are your best choice for all of your refuse needs.

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