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Garbage Truck / September 9, 2022

News Item ImageThe world has come a long way from horse-drawn dump carts and wagons loaded with garbage headed for open air burn piles, to the automated refuse trucks and recycling facilities and methane gas producing landfills of today. The first self-propelled garbage trucks, known as "steam motor tip-cars, " were introduced in the late 1890's. They were specifically designed for the purpose of collecting house refuse and "dust" or coal ash.

In 1929, the hopper was invented to eliminate the need for garbage collectors to lift the waste above their heads to dump it into the truck body. In 1937 George Dempster of Knoxville, Tennessee invented the Dempster-Dumpster, the first large-scale garbage container that could be mechanically emptied into a garbage truck. This proved to be a major labor-saving and safety innovation, and is still in use today.

Perhaps the closest "garbage truck" today in appearance to the original horse-drawn wagon is the roll-off container truck, except that the power of one or two horses back then has been replaced by a single engine capable of producing hundreds of horse power today, and the wooden cart or wagon is now a 10 yard to 40 yard metal container.

Roll-off trucks function by means of a hydraulically operated hoist system. As the hoist is raised the container "rolls off" the hoist frame rail, controlled by the cable and winch system. Metal rollers are mounted on the back of the container to guide it along the surface of the parking lot, driveway, etc., and most have a singing door on the back end to aid in wast removal.

This month we are excited to bring you the latest release in our refuse truck product line, our 1/34 scale diecast metal Mack Granite with all new Tub-Style Roll-Off Container! The Mack Granite cab and chassis offers extreme flexibility to tackle a wide range of applications, and its Cornerstone chassis design creates a stronger, yet lighter, frame to offer even more variety, that is why our 1/34 scale Mack Granite cab and chassis has been paired with several different body options over the years.

The authentic replica Mack Granite cab and chassis of our new roll-off truck features an opening hood with authentic MP series engine detail including radiator, shroud, fan, belts, hoses, valve covers, firewall canister, inner cooler, oil filter, air filter canister, fluid tank, coolant bottle, and more. The cab interior is accurately detailed, as well as the undercarriage with its many authentic component parts including drive shaft, hoses, differential gear box, S-shaped exhaust stack, front tie rod, shock absorbers, DEF tank, air brakes, fuel tank, side storage box, transmission, oil pan, to name just a few.

The cab itself features lots of chrome, including the infamous Bulldog hood ornament, tripod fender mirror, chrome grille and front bumper, hood side vents, air horn, marker lights, grab bars, side mirrors, fuel tanks, wheels...the list could go on and on.

Last, but by no meas least, is the body of the truck. The above-frame hoist not only looks amazing but actually functions almost like the real thing! It features hydraulic cylinders, and flexible string cable, functioning roller, front safety locks, and moves up and down to load and unload the container. The new tub-style container is based on a 30 yard version and is easily recognizable with its angled lower body sides. It features a non-functioning rear door, rear step and handles detail, and rollers on each side of the body rear to protect the ground surface when loaded onto or removed from the hoist frame.

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