Roll-Off Garbage trucks

Garbage Truck / May 26, 2019

The average American produces 4.4 pounds of garbage in one year, resulting in approximately 250 million tons of trash. When we place garbage in the trash can and put it by the curb, we hardly think about the process our waste goes through to finally make it to the dumpster. More often than not, a dump truck is used to transport our waste to the landfill. Though often equated with garbage trucks, a dump truck isn’t necessarily always used for residential garbage. Commercial and industrial grade clients who produce thousands of pounds of waste use a roll off truck. A roll off truck is characterized by an open container dumpster without any top, a rectangular shape, and wheels which are used to roll and tilt the dumpster.

Roll Off Garbage Truck Options

A dump truck will consistently transport heavy amounts of waste, so it’s important to consider the quality of any garbage truck that you purchase. Durability and cost of maintenance should be major considerations as you search for roll off trucks for sale. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever to research each dump truck brand to determine whether or not the vehicle suits your needs.

While there are many places where you can purchase a roll off truck, some brands are more notable than the others. Popular dump truck manufacturers include, but are not limited to:

  • Mack Trucks. This type of roll off truck boasts a premium interior, chrome package, and strong engine suitable for hauling heavy cargo on the interstate, mountains, and other terrain. Some models even come with a double bunk condo to allow the driver ample room for resting and recuperating during an extensive drive.
  • Peterbilt Trucks. The Peterbilt brand is known for its sleek design and efficiency on the road. Available with either a single or sleeper cab, the configuration options are endless. The engine boasts a 380-485 horsepower on PACCAR MX or can come with 400-600 horsepower on Cummins ISX15. A truck from Peterbilt is designed for long term usability, fuel efficiency, and affordable costs.
  • Hino Trucks. This dump truck is known for its incredibly smooth and quiet ride on the highway, even at top speeds. They’re extremely smooth with a superior interior. The quietness of the engine is particularly noticeable considering the heavy loads that this roll off truck is capable of carrying. The serviceability and maintenance options for Hino trucks are what they’re best known for, as tipping the hood can literally be done with a finger – and the interior is just as convenient to fix.

Many other popular types of roll off trucks include:

Kenworth, International, Freightliner, Volvo, Ford, Custom Built, Western, Star, Autocar, HME, G&H, Hoist, Construction Boxes, Wastequip, Heil, Hooklift, Stella. Galfab, Cablehoist, and K-Pac.

Who Uses Roll Off Dumpsters?

Roll off trucks aren’t used to carry residential garbage to the landfill. Rather, this dump truck is specifically designed for industrial-grade waste. Roll off trucks are most often used by:

  • Construction teams. Whether building a home or a commercial structure, there’s an incredible amount of material that must be transported to or from the site. Sometimes, if the construction is occurring on an area that must be cleared of debris, a roll off truck will be used to load the debris before construction can begin.
  • Demolition crews. After a demolition, roll off trucks become garbage trucks for the remains of the building. Whether it was a house that was recently torn down or a high-rise structure that was professionally demolished, the rubble and remains of the structure must be taken elsewhere. Only the strength, durability, and space provided by a roll off truck can handle the aftermath of demolition debris.
  • Cleanout workers. There are many cases aside from a construction or demolition waste situation where roll off trucks are used as a garbage truck. One prime example of this is where there’s a considerable amount of waste that must be cleaned out. For instance, in the aftermath of a hurricane or natural disaster, roll off trucks can be used to remove fallen trees and similar debris from the site.

With that being said, roll off dumpsters are used to contain and transport loads of construction and demolition waste. Of course, it’s capable of transporting other waste types as well. The rectangular footprint makes it possible to carry an incredible amount of cargo in terms of size, shape, and weight.