Where to Dump Your Garbage in Florence!

Florence garbage service

Garbage Service / April 28, 2023

Specifications for Residential Pickup in the City of Florence

Garbage must be in a city provided cart. Place the cart curbside or at other Department approved location by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day. It should be removed to its normal storage place that night. Please do not place it within 3 feet of any obstruction such as a mailbox, vehicle, or tree. The handle and wheels should be toward your yard, and the metal bar should face the street.

Residents must maintain the cleanliness of their cart. It is recommended that you bag all wastes to help maintain cleanliness. Please do not overload these carts or put hot ashes, liquids, or other materials that could damage it. If it is damaged beyond repair, the resident will be held responsible and must pay the cost of a replacement. Carts are the property of the City and will stay with the home in the event that the resident moves.

Carts are available in 3 sizes: 96 gallon, 64 gallon, and 32 gallon. You are allowed to have up to three 96-gallon carts for a refundable deposit of $41.00 each.

Garbage service is provided weekly. A holiday schedule is listed in the column on the right showing these holidays and when collection will be made up.

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