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Living...In a Garbage truck

Garbage Truck / March 14, 2024

This is what playing defense looks like.

New York will bring in the New Year, but this time there will some new safety measures being taken – 65 garbage trucks will surround Americans celebrating in Times Square.

“Sixty-five strategically placed sanitation vehicles will instead augment the law enforcement presence in the Crossroads of the World this weekend, officials announced at a Thursday news conference. The sand-filled 16-ton trucks will serve as bomb barriers to prevent access to the streets around the massive Midtown celebration and its anticipated 2 million revelers. ‘Everybody knows that the eyes of the world are upon Times Square, ’ said Police Commissioner James O’Neill”

These changes come in response to recent ISIS terrorist attacks involving the use of vehicles to mow through large crowds.

Is this the world we live in now – everything surrounded by strong physical barriers except for our own U.S. border?

These sand-filled trucks are in addition to other extreme security measures – there will be an extra 2, 000 officers on duty this NYE in Times Square.

Source: americanlookout.com