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Front Loading Garbage truck

Garbage Truck / June 21, 2023

The TerraPro Cabover 40 Yard Rear Loader Refuse truck has a durable and tenacious exterior built to help you conquer tough jobs. It’s driven by a powerful and fuel-efficient MP engine that feature the horsepower (325 to 505 HP) and torque (1, 200 to 1, 760 lb.-ft.) needed to make rugged applications easier. The TerraPro model rests on the same renowned Mack chassis that’s been respected for decades. This proven chassis is built with a deep frame rail and frame rail web design that optimizes the load bearing characteristics of the frame in a strong but lightweight package. The legendary Mack Camelback springs add stability and improved steering over challenging terrain. The Mack M-Ride 6-rod suspension is also available, allowing up to 17-inch articulation for maneuverability in landfills and on jobsites.

The Mack TerraPro Cabover 40 Yard Rear Loader Refuse truck features the in-cab Control Link II and the back-of-cab Control Link II systems as standard bodybuilder interfaces. They provide quick-connections to the bodybuilder’s control unit, as well as pass-through harnesses and connectors from the controller to the body. These harness connectors, conveniently located for quick and reliable body hookup, provide maximum body compatibility while eliminating the high cost of relocating components. The cab features a well-appointed interior for maximum driver comfort and enhanced overhead lighting. And the low-profile dash provides better visibility on the road, especially when navigating narrow streets and tight alleys.

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