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Garbage Collection Services

Garbage Service / November 5, 2023

The city of Tuscaloosa Environmental Services Department provides weekly residential and non-residential garbage collection in the corporate city limits of Tuscaloosa. Our garbage collection crews service nearly 25, 000 residential and 700 non-residential customers every week, and on average, collect about 450, 000 pounds of garbage each year.

Garbage Collection Information

  • City garbage service is mandatory for all single family residential premises in the Tuscaloosa corporate city limits.
  • Multi-family and non-residential premises may be eligible for city garbage collection service. If uneligible or not subscribing to city garbage collection service, multi-family and non-residential premises must contract with a licensed commercial waste haulr for private dumpster service. Click for Eligibility Requirements
  • Garbage carts must be placed at curbside before the route start time to ensure collection. Routes begin at 6am from Memorial Day through Labor Day and at 7am from Labor Day until Memorial Day. Collection Time Flyer. Click for Collection Start Time Information
  • Garbage carts must be removed from the city right-of-way by 8am, the day following collection.
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