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Garbage Man / January 19, 2023

CITY HALL - Staten Islanders can soon trash old televisions, computers and other useless electronics curbside through a new e-waste pickup program.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the test run will help the city's long-term OneNYC effort to make the five boroughs more equitable, sustainable and resilient.

"Staten Island spoke, and we listened, " de Blasio said in a statement. "This new pilot program is a win-win - making it much easier for residents to safely dispose of their e-waste, while protecting our environment and furthering our OneNYC goals."

The trial would be rolled out by the end of this year, but officials aren't sure yet if the city will establish a dedicated route or set up a system where Islanders can request individual pickups. The route could run once a week - maybe on Saturdays - and service requests might be made by phone or online.

De Blasio will ask Islanders their preference at the town hall.

The state banned curbside pickups of e-waste to protect landfills from the highly toxic materials that can be found in electronics.

More and more Staten Islanders were resorting to illegal dumping after the law was enacted last year. Thousands jammed traffic while trying to attend the city's e-waste disposal event last fall.

"Since the law took effect, Staten Islanders have seen their options for dropping off their electronics decline, " Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia said in a statement. "DSNY is responding to their concerns and is developing a pilot program on Staten Island that will restore curbside pickups of these potentially harmful electronic items and ensure that they are disposed of properly."

Last year the Department of Sanitation also began collecting e-waste at facilities in each borough to make electronic recycling more convenient. More than 1, 600 pieces of e-waste at over 49, 000 pounds were dropped off at the Staten Island location in less than three months, from Dec. 5 to Feb. 20.

"The bottom line is curbside collection is a far easier and more practical way for Staten Islanders, and all New Yorkers, to get rid of e-waste, " Matteo said in a statement. "And that is what government is supposed to do: Make life easier."

Exactly how much the pilot program would cost depends on how pickups are made. Earlier this year, the Department of Sanitation estimated that a trial could cost up to $3 million.

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