City of Hamilton Garbage Information - Caledon Dumpster Rentals

City of Hamilton garbage collection

Garbage Collection / September 13, 2022

Rumpke Waste & Recycling
In 2015, City Council extended the contract with Rumpke Waste and Recycling for the collection and disposal of household garbage and recyclables. As part of the new contract, the City has adopted a trash cart policy that requires residents to place trash fully contained within a City or Rumpke-issued trash cart.

The City of Hamilton will provide each eligible residence 1 blue 96-gallon trash cart, which holds the equivalent of 3 standard garbage cans. Additional trash carts are available to lease from Rumpke for a nominal fee. Trash will continue to be collected weekly while collection of recyclables will continue to be every-other-week.

A 35-gallon trash cart is available for the elderly, handicapped, or for small households in which the smaller cart is more appropriate. Keep in mind that all trash must be fully contained in that trash cart. Call Public Works at 513-785-7270 to request a smaller cart.
Collection Frequency
Rumpke provides residential and small commercial establishment refuse collection service once a week. Rumpke's trash collectors work 5 days each week except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. When those holidays fall during the week, refuse collection is delayed by 1 day for the holiday plus each day afterwards.

Transfer Station
Rumpke Waste and Recycling also operates the Municipal Refuse Transfer Station, just north of the Electric Power Plant. This facility provides a convenient in-town dumping site for residents and businesses. Please call for fee schedules and hours of operation.

Collection Map
View a map of Hamilton and the day that garbage is collected (PDF) in your neighborhood.

Curbside Recycling
Curbside pickup of recyclables is provided the same day as regular trash collection but every other week.

Participation in the residential recycling program is voluntary, but the monthly fee is mandatory and included in the monthly refuse fee.

Christmas Tree Collection
Place discarded trees with your trash for removal by Rumpke with the regular trash pick-up.

Helpful Numbers

  • City of Hamilton Transfer Station: 513-867-8661
  • Refuse Billing Inquiries: 513-785-7100
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