Automated-Arm Garbage Trucks Will Save Money, Workers Backs

Automated Garbage trucks

Garbage Truck / September 2, 2022

Toter rules for automated garbage trucks brochure

The city is using automated garbage trucks for trash collection.

The two garbage trucks feature an automated arm which comes out from the vehicle, hooks onto the toter, dumps its contents into the garbage truck and then replaces the toter at the curb. The driver does not need to exit the vehicle.

All city residents whose garbage is picked up by the East Peoria Public Works Department must use a toter, mandatory since March 2014. Residents must follow specific guidelines to ensure that their garbage is collected.

Placement of the toter must be near the apron at the end of the driveway away from mailboxes, trees, utility pedestals, gas meters, water meters, fire hydrants or other containers such as recycling bins, yard waste bags and other toters.

Toters must be 3 to 4 feet from the mailbox and 2 feet from recycling bins. The automated mechanical arm on the garbage truck needs the clearance space in order to grab the sides of the toter.

The toter lid must be closed completely, otherwise the toter could be damaged during pickup. An overloaded toter with a partially or fully opened lid may cause collection problems. Partially opened lids may fly open spilling garbage on the street or hit a utility line.

If cars are parked on the street during the day, toters should be left on the driveway with a minimum of six feet of clearance from a vehicle. Public Works officials acknowledge that this requirement will slightly inconvenience affected residents but it will ensure that access is available to the toter.

Benefits of using the automated garbage trucks include improving the efficiency of trash collection by maximizing the number of toters collected each day; delaying the need for additional personnel and trucks; using the current toters mandated for city residents; and reduction of the risk of injury to the drivers who have been hurt in the past during garbage collection by needles and heavy objects, among other items.

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