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Mason County garbage service

Garbage Service / December 15, 2023


State Rt. 3 from Allyn to Belfair including all side streets / State Rt. 302 / Sandhill / Beards Cove

State Rt. 300 / North Shore Rd including all side streets TUESDAY

State Rt. 106 / Alderbrook Golf course / Skokomish Valley
State Rt. 101 from mile marker 10 to 40 including all side streets / Lake Cushman


All of Mason Lake area / Emerald Lake / Trails End Lake including all side roads

Lakeland Village / Union / Brockdale Rd and side streets THURSDAY

State Rt. 3 mile post 1.5 to 4 / Timberlakes / Rustlewood
Grapeview Loop Rd and all side streets and Stretch and Treasure Islands
Agate Road / Shorecrest / Pickering Road from mile post 3.5 to end


Hiawatha Park / Oak Park / Island Lake and Springs Rd / Arcadia Road including all side roads

State Rt. 3 mile post 0 to 1 and side streets / Cole Rd / Fawn Lake


Depending on where your home is located, you may be provided with a cart or be advised to use your own trash can. If you need more information on which Mason County residential trash container is required for safe collection at your home, call 877-722-0223.

Residential Cart Sizes

35 Gallon - 38" high x 24" wide x 24" deep
48 Gallon - 38" high x 24" wide x 30" deep
64 Gallon - 40" high x 24" wide x 32" deep
96 Gallon - 42" high x 30" wide x 36" deep


By reducing our need for raw materials and dependence on fossil fuels and by reducing the blight and environmental hazards (to marine life in particular) posed by many of the recyclables we collect, Mason County Garbage & Recycling Customers like you are helping to protect our uniquely beautiful surroundings.

Residential recycling for Mason County, WA is picked up on the same day as your Mason County trash service. Calendars are supplied to all of our residential customers marking the days of pickup and can also be found online here.

Call 877-722-0223 to join our Mason County Recycling Program. Recycling isn't just smart; with Mason County it's easy.