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Emmons garbage service

Garbage Service / October 4, 2022

Single Stream Recycling TruckCurbside pickup recycling is now as easy as taking out the garbage!

We offer both pickup and drop-off recycling services for the convenience of our customers. Our drop-off site is also open to the general public, because we want to help people with their recycling efforts.

What is curbside pickup?
With curbside pickup, simply place your recycling into a clear plastic bag and place it into your normal trash pickup. The clear plastic bag from your trash will be removed and diverted to the recycling facility for sorting and processing.

What are the benefits?
Instead of every-other-week recycling pickup, you'll now gain weekly pickup of this material. This new process will also help to reduce emissions by picking up your trash and recycling at the same time.

What do I need to do?
Curbside pickup is a simple process. The required clear plastic bags are available at most stores. With single stream recycling, you don't need to sort each recycling type into a separate bag either! Just place all recycling into a single bag, filled approximately 3/4 full or less and tie shut. For our customers who currently hold one of our green recycling bins (which will be retired with the start of the new weekly curbside pickup program), please contact us to arrange for Emmons to retrieve the bin, or simply return it to us at our Water Street location.

Service Information

Curbside recycling will be picked up on the same day as your trash pick-up service every week.

Our drop-off site is located at:
913 Water Street
Jackson, MI 49203

Recyclable items are accepted at our drop-off location five days a week:

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