Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) - Overview - Garbage & Recycling

Toronto Garbage Removal

Garbage Removal / March 4, 2024

The City will pick up large items (appliances, furniture, carpets, etc.) on your garbage collection day (not on your recycling day) from the curbside. Effective January 1, 2017, an approved small annual fee of $8.00 will appear on your Utility Bill, to recover the service delivery costs of providing collection of oversized and metal items regardless of whether the service is used. Here are some more details:


  • Appliances, barbecues (no propane tanks), bed frames, bicycles, furnaces, hot water heaters, metal bath tubs, storage sheds, etc.
  • Place items next to your Garbage Bin for pick-up; no collection appointment needed
  • Items should be dismantled, bundled and/or tied
  • Remove doors from refrigerators, ovens and other appliances
  • For sofa beds, the frame should be tied down to avoid it from springing open
  • Oversized Items

  • Box springs, car seats, furniture, lamps, luggage, mattresses, patio furniture, skis, toilets, etc.
  • For furniture or mattresses infested with bed bugs, refer to Bed Bug Guidelines
  • Dismantle or separate loose or large heavy items (i.e. remove cabinet shelving etc)
  • Carpets and Underpads

  • Roll, cut and tie carpeting into bundles
  • Bundles must not be longer than 4 feet and not weigh more than 20 kg (approximately 44 lbs.)
  • Christmas trees (natural)

  • Trees must be free of bags, tinsel, ornaments, nails, tree skirts, and stands
  • Place tree next to your Garbage Bin for pick-up; no collection appointment needed
  • Clear tree of plastic bags, tree bags, snow, and ice
  • Trees that are not collected in January must be placed out for yard waste pick-up when the yard waste collection resumes in March.
  • OR trees can be taken to a Drop-Off Depot (Max length of 4 feet, cut if necessary)
  • Note: Dumping of garbage on city streets, boulevards and private property is illegal. Anyone found dumping garbage on City or private property will be prosecuted. To report illegal dumping call 311.

    The City does not pick up certain items (renovation waste, tires, etc) from the curbside. Here is how to dispose of them properly.

    Residential Cooking Oil

  • Cooking oil from homes, apartments and condos is accepted as household hazardous waste at .
  • Cooking oil should be delivered in a sealed container labelled "used cooking oil"
  • Note: Never pour cooking oil down the sink, drain or toilet because it can negatively impact sewer pipes systems in your home
  • Renovation Waste

  • Construction/renovation waste (wood, bricks, concrete, cinder blocks, paving stones, asphalt, soil, dirt, stones, etc.)
  • Take these items to a Drop-off Depot or find a private company to dispose of material
  • Tires