Calgary City News Blog: April 2015

Garbage Removal City of Calgary

Garbage Removal / April 17, 2023

Christmas tree drop offA few trees had already been dropped off a the Christmas Tree drop off location in Confederation Park in Calgary on Boxing Day 2016. GAVIN YOUNG/POSTMEDIA Article

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, where do I dispose of thee?

New this year, the City of Calgary is requesting those with holiday trees to recycle through their first-ever Christmas Tree Recycling Program.

Previously, the city would pick up trees with garbage pick-up, but this year they decided to make their program drop-off only, with 16 designated depots Calgarians can take their trees to.

While those with artificial trees have the luxury of boxing and storing their faux pines, city officials are encouraging those with real trees to recycle.

Instead of adding waste to city landfills, drop-off zones turn trees into useable mulch and aid in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

When recycling your tree, the city is requesting all ornaments, tinsel and decorations be removed and not to bag or wrap your tree. Christmas trees are not recyclable through the Blue Cart program, and city officials are reminding citizens that Christmas trees left in back alleys will not be collected.

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