Dumpyard for Garbage and Dogs at Sewage Farm Area, near Narol

Area garbage

Garbage Collection / October 4, 2022

PDC® is responsible for residential trash and recycling pickup for the city of Peoria and parts of Peoria county. A family-owned, local company with deep roots in the community, we’re excited about the opportunity to provide these essential services in our home town, and we’ve been working hard to ensure the transition will be a positive experience for everyone involved.

PDC® is especially excited to offer the city of Peoria a unique recycling program that will be free to residents.


Garbage Collection Services

Courteous and dependable professionals collect your residential waste according to your personalized service schedule.

Curbside Recycling Program

We are committed to sustainable practices and welcome the opportunity to collect and deliver your recyclable waste for processing.

Yard Waste Collection

We take the hassle out of yard waste disposal. Seasonal yard waste pickup in the City of Peoria starts the first full week of April.

Roll-Out Cart Rental

Roll-out carts make getting your waste to the curb effortless

Bulky Item and White Good Collection

Our team of professionals will collect your old furniture, appliances, and other bulky items for disposal

Bulky Item and White Good Drop-Off Sites

Bring your bulky items to one of our drop-off sites and we’ll handle the rest.

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